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By Matt Clark Playing online games with a quality headset can make the experience. Unfortunately, if you’ve invested a chunk of money into a high-dollar pair of cans for use with an Xbox , the proprietary audio jack for Xbox One is going to make it difficult to chat with friends. Turtle Beach has addressed the issue by announcing a line of new headsets created in partnership with Microsoft. Both headsets are wired and offer surround sound. Interestingly, Turtle Beach mentions both of its Xbox One headsets will use an “adapter” to connect to the Xbox One controller. After it was revealed that older headsets would not be able to connect to the Xbox One controller, many were left with questions as to whether third-party manufacturers like Astro Gaming would sell adapters. Clearly, the concept is possible, but it’s also obvious Microsoft is controlling the licensing. Turtle Beach also announced new lines of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Marvel comics-themed headsets.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 review: Affordable truly wireless Xbox One headphones with decent sound

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15 Best PS4 Headsets – Buyer’s Guide Long story short, don’t get too caught up with “ surround sound. The Turtle Beach logos on both outside and inside the ear cups also come in blue, making the Stealth look like an official, Sony-manufactured PlayStation accessory.

I can’t get the surround speakers to do anything using windows media 12; however i’ve never been able to get WM to utilize my surround speakers ever I tried though Anyways, I then downloaded K-lite 5 newest and used FFDshow audio configurer to change settings of the codec which caused the surround speakers to sound distorted so I reversed all the changes that I had made. I then decided to uninstall the device driver and allowed windows seven to detect the hardware automatically because it did that without my consent anyways at start All along the Vista driver allowed each speaker to operate as its supposed to through turtle beach control panel using the test feature.

Each speaker would output in the right location and whatnot However I wouldn’t get any sound coming from media. I know my control panel settings are correct and configured right. I DID get the surround speakers to output sound using media player classic using the “audio switcher” and custom mapping the channel actually not really knowing what i’m doing I just sorta activated every option and checked all the boxes and sound started to come out of those speakers.

I’m yet to try other media applications for further results because its late and i’m sleepy But i’m relatively certain that the settings I configured using the audio mapper only apply when i’m using Windows Media Player Classic. I never had to do all this before with XP I’ve never seemed to get it to work.

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Here is the place for you to definitely buy in specials price , great feature and best value for Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 Gaming Headset duplicate of Product Features Great quality. Modern design Adjust your seating for the party — or just for you. Simple assembly; all pieces arrive to you. The delivery was quick in the box intact, very few pieces to assemble and assembly was very simple.

The Short Review: Turtle Beach Earforce X31 Wireless Gaming Headset ; 8 thoughts on “ Fixing the Xbox One Stereo Headset ” H.P. Sooooooo many thanks bro!!! YOU help me a lot! Reply. January 13, Jeff. 5 of Teh Best Local Multiplayer Games for PC Recent Posts.

If you are not hearing the game soundtrack properly, here is an easy way to test to make sure the X4 or X41 transmitter and headset are working. You will need the following items to perform the test: Some of the Toslink cables come with clear plastic protective pieces over the ends. If yours does, make sure remove them before using the cable. Are you trying to get Dolby Digital transmission from PC games? If so, that may be the problem. The X41 should then recognize the Dolby Digital encoded data stream and decode to 5.

If your games have Dolby Digital soundtracks, the X41 will detect the Dolby Digital signal, the Pro Logic light will go off, and the Dolby Digital light will go on, indicating that Dolby Digital signal is being received and processed. You will then hear Dolby Digital surround sound through the headset using Dolby Headphone processing. The Pro Logic light will only go on in the absence of a Dolby Digital signal, such as when a plain stereo 2 channel soundtrack is playing.

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How do I get my Turtle Beach x31 Earforce Headset to work on my laptop for the Audio?

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After my big disappointment with Logitech’s “gaming” headphones (Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset), I decided to go with Microsoft LiveChat, and I made the right choice. I’m a gamer and I use programs called TeamSpeak and Vent to communicate with my teammates.

The highest quality true 5. Being a universal headset, it can be used across all platforms. This is an incredible selling point, as you pay a premium for high quality headsets and having to do so multiple times is definitely costly. Comfort wise, the AX Pros do very well. The large over ear cushions let you play over long periods of time, although they are not as comfortable in my opinion as the Sennheiser PC s which I have grown used to.

As far as performance in gaming goes, the Tritton AX Pro does not disappoint. This is due to the fact that you have separate sound drivers for true 5. The sound quality is still very good, although maybe not the ideal headset if you listen to music more than you play games. However, for positional sound and gaming, this headset is hard to beat and any gamer would take perfect positional sound over bass and explosions drowning out the important sounds any day.

The audio controller does a great job of mixing the sound and giving you control over the speaker settings, and if you want to hook up the headset to a true standalone amp or soundcard it only gets better.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 Gaming Headset (duplicate of 758484)

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Since february, I was waiting for the turtle beach x, but after reading all the reviews literally all , talking about mic problems, and some hiss So then I search for other options, and the obviously came, Astro a50 and steelseries H wireless – http: So then again, a lot of people complain about durability, functionality, and latency problems, damn, Is there a really good high quality and solid Headset around? The difference in quality sound, between a stereo headset and those called DTS 7.

Need some advice here guys, maybe some personal opinions about yours headsets and how do you feel with them, and it will be better if you had experienced some others headsets as well. Thanks a lot for sharing your information and suggestions. Sorry for the long letter and for my bad english again. Thanks a lot for the answers, suggestions and personal experiences, specially for your TIME. My wireless dream has crushed, but I think, right now, the manufacturers need to improve much more in this sector because they have been selling a lot of deficient products.

Use Your Turtle Beach Headset with the New Nintendo Switch

Along with Astro, Turtle Beach is one of the most well-respected names out there because of the quality of products it brings to the market. But, what may throw you off is how light the headset is. Turtle Beach rebuilt this headset from the ground up to ensure that it was light enough for long gaming sessions. The earcups were also a huge area of focus for Turtle Beach with the Elite Pro.

This helpful in-depth tutorial will show you what is needed in order to setup a Turtle Beach x31 or x41 headset onto your Xbox It’s an easy job that anybody can complete and just requires that you plug the appropriate wires in the right slots.

Turtle Beach Headsets Ears On Preview One accessory that seems to be becoming extremely popular are gaming headsets. What’s a gaming headset? It’s a pair of headphones that offers solid positional audio combined with a microphone for voice communication. Turtle Beach had a few pairs of their latest and greatest headsets on display on the show floor, and I put my ears to the test. I tried out three different pairs of headsets that Turtle had to offer, all ranging in price and features. The first of these was the Earforce P21; these are wired headphones that feature independent volume control for in game audio and voice chat.

These work with both the PlayStation 3 and PC. I found them both light and comfortable with respectable audio quality, though they only featured Stereo sound. For PS3 owners these are pretty much your only choice out of the lineup. Next up is the Earforce X31, which are an update to the X3 headphones. This set works with the Xbox and features wireless RF technology, that means line of sight is not required.

Once again you only have stereo sound, though I found it to be a fully rich sound. There’s Chat Boost technology as well to help aid in Xbox Live chat to make sure it’s clear and crisp – unfortunately I was unable to test this on the floor. These were slightly bigger than the P21’s, but comfortable none the less.

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I had been monitoring the price of these on amazon for weeks! Anyways, they came in yesterday and I used them for a few hours last night playing Modern Warfare 2. I don’t feel it’s a dealbreaker at all Also, if you don’t have the RCA audio out jacks but you do have a headphone jack in your TV, that’ll work too. If you’re missing both of these and still want to use your HDMI, then you’ll need the audio adapter.

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There are cables, settings and other things involved to make sure you get the best quality audio possible. The one thing that makes connecting a PlayStation 4 headset to an Elgato difficult is that the PlayStation 4 has a software limitation whereby it disables HDMI audio when a headset is connected. There are three types of connections: Analog, USB, and Optical. These three connection types will determine how to use your Turtle Beach PlayStation 4 headset with an Elgato capture device.

Using an Analog PlayStation 4 headset with an Elgato is relatively easy, as they all use a single 4 pole, 3. In order to record game audio, you will need to get your hands on an Elgato Chat Link.

Mic problem. Turtle beach x32

X , hefty selection of customizable audio presets, multiplatform capabilities, and of course its attractive fit and finish. That list of features is appealing, but does its sound quality match its price? Membership is for free with the purchase of the headset. Paperwork concludes with a quick-start guide, reference guide, customer support sheet, and large sticker. The wireless transmitter and cables rest inside their own individually wrapped boxes.

Apr 17,  · Turtle Beach is still making wireless headphones for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and they are affordable and impressive for the price. The Ear Force is $ and it works with both the PC.

With the rise of online multiplayer games using in-game voice chat on all of those platforms, a headset is a must have item for most gamers these days. I dare call this set the Swiss Army Knife of gaming headsets. Ear Force seems like a somewhat peculiar name for this headset, as there is definitely nothing forceful about them. Rather than blasting out your ear drums with sheer loudness, the XP makes sweet gentle love to your ear canals from four directions at the same time. With a 15 hour battery life as well, this set has the stamina to last all night.

Also being wireless you can game from any position Before I go into the details of the headset, let me just lay out for you what it does and does not do.

How To Setup Turtle Beaches x31/x11 on PC