Come next week, specifically the 14th and the general public will start getting their preordered devices. At this point in time many existing iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users will be waiting for their new iPhone 4S and will be thinking what to do with their soon to be redundant phone. Well not to worry, there are many options that these users can choose from to still keep their old phones a part of their daily life. The first and most obvious answer to this predicament would be to just keep this phone as a backup device for a day when by any chance your new phone might not be working. Upgrade the operating system to iOS 5 and just keep the phone in a drawer. The next option would be to use the old phone as an iPod Touch. No need for buying a music player. You can also sell your old phone on third party websites like eBay and Craigslist. But be sure to have backed up and erase all your personal data from the phone before putting your phone up for sale. Data can be erased from the phone by going to Setting then General and then pressing the Reset button.

How to hook up phone to TV using USB/phone charger

Why Is My iPhone Frozen? Unfreeze Your iPhone Usually, you can unfreeze an iPhone by doing a hard reset, and this is as far as other articles usually go. A hard reset is a band-aid, not a solution.

Oct 19,  · How to Connect an iPhone to a Projector In this Article: Using a VGA Cable Connecting Wirelessly Community Q&A You can project files, pictures, videos, or anything on a big screen with the use of projector—be it in schools, offices, or just at : 28K.

All Apps run in Apples latest iOS 11! If you get an error saying the app wont run in iOS11 and needs to be updated, you just need to update our apps in the App Store! I always played Sudoku, but always enjoyed it more on paper than on an app. We now generate free daily actually every 4 hours Sudoku PDF for you to print out and enjoy.

Grandma was visiting, and she loves to play Sudoku. Every morning, I made her coffee and printed out one of these Sudoku games. She told me they were awesome. But Grandma’s always say everything you do is great. You are not my Grandma, so send me some real feedback! You can come back every 4 hours, and click the link above.

Top 12 Best Pico Projectors in 2018

Got questions about iPad and iPhone projectors? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about iPad and iPhone projection: How do I connect my iPad or iPhone to my projector? What about wireless iPad and iPhone projection? Currently Casio, Epson and Panasonic have free apps that allow you to project wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone over a wireless internet connection.

Oct 30,  · Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to a Projector: Plug your Digital AV or VGA adapter into the charging port on the bottom of your iOS device. Connect an .

The different items in stock as well as all the services we provide came from requests made directly by the community over the years. Making an appointment or waiting for hours to meet a technician is never the situation here. Of course, every computer will have different issues. In some cases a quick, over the counter fix is possible and in other more complex cases involving part replacements more time will be needed. The average turnaround time for most computer repairs and data recovery is business days.

We also offer Rush service that puts your repair at the head of the diagnosis line. The last thing we want to see is a computer returning to us with an unresolved problem since we must make room for newer repairs. We offer three levels of repair pricing not including price of parts depending on the complexity of the situation. We will never charge an in store repair by the hour. Our data recovery prices are shockingly lower than most other professional repair centers, not only in New York, but all over the world.

BenQ Joybee GP3 projector comes dock-ready for iPhones

Jessa can fix practically anything. But these days, she spends most of her time fixing just one thing. Because every single month, more and more iPhone 6 and especially 6 Plus devices show up at her shop, iPad Rehab , with the same problem: The gray flickering bar you can see across the top of this iPhone is a classic symptom of a problem that repair pros are seeing in more and more iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

Lots of repair pros are experiencing the same influx of faulty iPhones—most with flickering gray bars and all with glitchy touch functionality. About half of the repairs sent to Michael Huie—the specialist behind Microsoldering.

of over 1, results for “connect iphone to projector” Compatible with iPad iPhone to HDMI Adapter Cable, Digital AV Adapter, Anlyso ft HDMI Adapter Cord Support P HDTV Compatible with iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus 5s 5, iPad, iPod to TV Projector Monitor in up to Full P HD.(NOTE:ONLY CONNECT WITH TV AND PROJECTOR,DON’T.

Watch Films and Provide presentations with these Mobile mini projectors Remember projectors? Those secondhand devices your instructor would use to discuss slides together with the course? Well, a new class of smaller, brighter apparatus has moved into that create casting pictures, photographs, and presentations a snap.

They are available in a variety of sizes, from pico into palmtop and upward, and extend range of qualities which make them ideal for home theater fans, on-the-go small business presenters and much more. Go through the listing below to locate the very best mini projector to suit your requirements. The Q6 tops our list of greatest mini projectors due to its characteristic richness, smart layout, good connectivity options and remarkable 1, x native resolution.

The machine, which measures 4. It is rated at ANSI lumens and has a 30, Unlike many modest projectors, this one provides Wi-Fi connectivity, which means it is possible to easily stream out of your cellular device of choice through its EasyCast Guru program — no wires required. And, as a result of the 2. And while it also jobs pictures, minor rainbow artifacts and inadequate speaker functionality may deter you from using it in your house theater.

With a native resolution of just x , the Elephas lumens LED miniature portable projector may not be the most effective little projector you can purchase, but it is definitely the ideal budget one. On a positive note, this projector features excellent connectivity options:

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Free Alternatives to a PowerPoint Download 24 Comments There are a serial of ppt converter just like ppt-to-wmv, ppt-to-avi, ppt-to-mp4. PreX 14 Jun at 4: This is a key feature i need and used to have with my windows mobile device that could not only look at PPTs but then with a cable connect to a projector and project the higher quality version onto a projector. Thank you Bharat 9 Jul at 6: Convert the PowerPoint to a proper format first, Alex 23 Jul at 6: Thnaks admin 6 Oct at 5:

The ipico Hand-held Projector costs $ and works with phones older than the iPhone 5 (such as the 4s, 4 and 3GS. It comes with a short USB cable for charging the integrated Li-Ion battery.

When it comes to throwing a movie party in the backyard, however, things get a little trickier. Read on as we show you how to do it stress free. Sure, you can watch your movie indoors. That said, hosting an outdoor movie night is significantly more challenging at least the first time you do so than simply popping in a DVD for the kids and leaving them in the living room.

Spring is a good time to search for used models, as many offices and schools are clearing theirs out. Lumens The lumen rating of a projector is indicative of how much light is can output. At minimum, you want at least 2, lumens. You can always correct for those kind of problems by hooking up a full blown audio-visual receiver to the setup but that adds expense, bulk, and complexity.

Keystone and Lens Shift Lower-end projectors have electronic keystoning you can adjust the image thrown by the projector to make up for the angle of the projector in relationship to the screen and more expensive cinema-style projectors have physical controls which allow you to shift the actual lens to correct for image distortion.

How to set up a projector

What they came up with was Captain Action. Instead of focusing on military outfits, they wisely went with something even more popular – comicbook and television heroes. They developed a plan to market a basic figure and then sell fully loaded outfits individually. Their plan worked like a charm, kids gobbled up Captain Action and raced to be the first on their street with a Batman, Superman or Lone Ranger to tote around.

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Nov 15,  · Aiptek Mobile Cinema i Pico projector Made for iPhone 3GS & 4 & 4S with Battery Bank – Duration: AiptekMobileCinema , views.

Can you connect iPad to a Projector via iTunes? I want to connect the ipad to a projector to make a presentation with Keynotes. It’s a possibility to connect the iPad via iTunes or other program. I need to connect it via USB port. You will need to ask an adult from the apple store Original Question Can you show what you see on your iPad screen on the projector?

I know how to show a presentation using Keynote on a projector , but what I was wondering about is can you show the main page of your iPad screen or whatever you do on your iPad on the projector it self. Is there an app for that? Another testimonial from a satisfied apple’s ipad user that downloaded newspaper from this unbelievable website Legally I am so grateful for this website.

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to a Video Projector (Kerry Shearer)