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The focus of the conversations will be directed more towards the mechanical base rather than the machine. We are going to talk a little about the different techniques used to treadle. This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing items from the links cost you nothing more and add a few pennies to the fabric budget. I enjoy sewing on all different types of mechanical sewing machines. I have no desire to ever own one, but I also have no desire to pass judgment upon or belittle anyone because they feel differently than I do. I am a mechanically inclined, hands on type person. After we worked with hers and got it back into top shape for an sewing machine.

Antique Treadle Sewing Machine Base + Live Edge Wood Top = Eclectic Modern Night table

We only needed one, 8-foot length that we cut down into four, approx. If you’re outside Canada – you can’t buy this product yet. Especially check this out if you’d like to do this project by simply attaching the base! We only needed one 8-foot slab because we were able to select a fairly uniform width board.

Manufacturers. If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the .

A slot for a roughened feed wheel Gear operation Lock stitching Surging Popularity By , the Singer Manufacturing Company held 22 patents and sold 20, sewing machines yearly. Within eight years, the yearly sales reached , sewing machines, which included their New Family machines released for sale in Introduction of Electric Motors As the leader of the sewing machine industry, the Singer Company introduced the first practical sewing machine powered by an electrical motor in Within two years, commercial sewing machines were being sold powered by electric motors.

By this time, the company also was producing commercial zigzag sewing machines. Important Singer Sewing Machines Singer sewing machines were constantly improved and updated. Since the first machines were produced in the s, thousands were sold to eager consumers. The beautiful cabinets, well-made machines, and practical improvements made Singer sewing machines a must for the average household. In fact, the quality of these early machines is so good that there are still many Singer treadle sewing machines in use today.

It was the first rigid-arm model and included a table to support the cloth.

Find sewing machine model number from serial number

The company name of Husqvarna comes from the position of the factory alongside the impressive Husqvarna falls where great salmon leap upstream in the spring floods. The Husqvarna Sewing Machine Company can rightly claim to be one of the oldest companies in the world still supplying sewing machines. Because Husqvarna originally was the arms factory to the Swedish Royal Family and was in business centuries before it started making sewing machines.

Early Husqvarna history is sketchy at best and I have travelled the length of Sweden looking for details. I’ll explain the different spellings in a mo.

Road to California prides itself on offering a variety of quilt classes to a variety of quilting levels, all taught by the best quilt teachers from around the world.. Scheduling quilt classes for Road began right after Road closed its doors on January 21,

White took over the Domestic and King sewing machine companies and. I have looked everywhere for a list of serial numbers to find the date of manufacturing. Does anyone out there know about OLD sewing machines? I just got my grandma’s White Rotary treadle sewing machine. I have no idea when. I bought a White Family Rotary electrified treadle head in a case at the Gospel. Singer is the ONLY manufacturer for which detailed dating. This sewing machine is called Family Rotary. I’m not sure of the date of.

White sewing machines are durable, quality machines for the home. It used a vibrating shuttle bobbin driver design; for that reason, and to differentiate it from the later White models that used a rotary hook design instead, it came to be known as the ” White Vibrating. I have a treadle type White Rotary machine in the cabinet.

From left to right- zig zag model, tan Supermatic no date , two tone green. Vintage ‘ White ‘ Rotary sewing machine.

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Shop my new store for I had no way of knowing that this machine would revolutionize the way I sew. Early machines were almost exclusively handcrank versions, although an early French machine did feature a treadle mechanism. My customized treadle table has five machines mounted in it: In theory, any belt driven sewing machine can be powered by either a handcrank, a treadle, or a motor.

PFAFF was founded in Kaiserslautern, Germany in by instrument maker Georg Michael Pfaff (–). Pfaff’s first machine was handmade, and designed to sew leather in the manufacture of shoes. In , Georg Michael Pfaff opened a sewing machine shop in London.

Good Fortune Mystery Vintage Machines! I can not answer emails asking what your machine is worth or how old it is. Please check the links at the bottom of the page for other sites that can help you. What is this Quiltmaker to do when a lonely and unloved vintage machine is cast aside in favor of a modern computerized wonder-model? I love them, each and everyone!

It seems the more “modern” machines advance to become computer driven and pre-programmed, producing die-cut perfection in their abilities, the more I feel that real skill is taken from the Quiltmaker, and atrributed rather to the machine, instead of the person driving it! The fancier the machines get, and the more expensive their add-ons and abilities, the more I want to run to my vintage friends, leaving the wonder-machines to those who want to live in the modern world.

I’m more of a piecer, than an embellisher, so all I really need is a super straight stitch, along with the occassional zig zag for when I actually NEED to sew on a button by machine, or perhaps join scraps of batting together to make a piece that is big enough for whatever quilt I am getting ready to quilt! Nothing in the world can connect you to Quiltmakers Past than feeling the hum of their machines beneath your fingertips as the fabric pieces feed through.

These are the machines in my household! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Click on each thumbnail to see the full size pic. Click the highlighted name to view any associated blog post to learn more about each machine and how they came to abide with me.

Singer Manufacturing Dates and Average Cash Cost

Improved Family and Model 15 Improved Family Oscillating Shuttle The Singer Company started production of the Improved Family machine in , it was, at the time, a major step forward in having an oscillating shuttle and high arm. It was designed for domestic and light manufacturing use. Manufactured mainly as a treadle machine with various types of cabinet work some hand crank machines were also produced.

Although it is the forerunner of the Model 15 its mechanism is different and the bobbin smaller. The date of commissioning for Singer sewing machines is available online go to Singer Machine Serial Numbers. On this model the Serial Number is located at the back of the pillar on the bed of the machine.

Singer ‘New Family’ (12,12K) Sewing Machines. It seems difficult to imagine now, but the Singer ‘New Family’ sewing machine first appeared in at the end of the America Civil War and and at the time the West was still being won.

Zapotec languages The Zapotecan language group is composed of over 60 variants of Zapotecan, as well as the closely related Chatino language. Religion[ edit ] Though the Zapotecs are now largely Catholics , some of their ancient beliefs and practices, such as the burial of the dead with valuables, still survive. In fact, the Zapotec lord was trained in religious practice as a requirement prior to taking power.

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Find sewing machine model number from serial number Search Knowledgbase GO Find sewing machine model number from serial number We often are asked for sewing machine parts to fit a Singer F There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it’s serial number. However hopefully this page will help identify your sewing machine model number in conjunction with the other details we have available relating to sewing machine serial numbers..!

How to Identify an old machine without a serial number..?

Have no fear! The Disc Doctor is here! No, not really. But I can shed a little light on the subject. From the ‘s into the early ‘s, Singer manufactured three basic kinds of machines: straight-stitch, semi-automatic zigzag, and fully automatic zigzag.

Needles Repairing the Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machines Some antique sewing machines are more desirable and more valuable than others. Sewing machines that were made prior to usually have a higher value The following types of antique sewing machines are the ones that typically have the most value to collectors and antique dealers: Hand-held style sewing machines Clamp on style sewing machines New England style sewing machines Paw foot style sewing machines Singer Model 1 sewing machines Singer Model 2 sewing machines Singer Turtleback sewing machines Singer Letter A sewing machines Singer Featherweight and sewing machines If you are interested in collecting antique sewing machines for the purpose of repairing and trying to resell them, these are the types of sewing machines you should look for.

An old sewing machine from any maker with a serial number of or less will have more value, especially those from obscure manufacturers. Sewing machines with serial numbers above 50, would be considered later models had basically common. Even if the machine dates back to , the higher serial number makes it less valuable to serious collectors. By far the largest and most successful manufacturer of antique sewing machines was the Singer company.

While the majority of early 20th century, vintage Singer sewing machines are valuable as decorative items only, the early Singer models mentioned above still hold value as collectible antiques. The good thing about restoring a Singer sewing machine is that the company is still around and replacement parts for antique Singer sewing machines are still available through the company.

Antique Singer Sewing Machines

We will buy or can help you sell your early Patented Sewing Machines! Sewing Machine Consignment Sales We are active, knowledgeable, and experienced dealers in rare and historically important American patented sewing machines. We specialize in pre machines and we are always interested in helping you sell “good” antique sewing machines through the Consignment Program we offer.

We often are asked for sewing machine parts to fit a Singer F the problem is this long number is the serial number and we need the machine model number to help with parts, feet, needles etc.

My husband has been keeping an eye out for a Singer Toy Sewing Machine. They are quite collectable, and quite cute too. My eagle eyed husband spotted it, and I set to work on the bidding when there was about an hour left to run on the auction. I spent a little more than the budget he gave me, but still managed to obtain it for about a quarter of the same one that was available locally, inclusive of postage from the States. Still a bargain, I thought! Fresh out of the box! The same machine that I found in a local antique shop Machine Specifications These machines don’t have any serial numbers do you know of any toys that do?

It’s a standard black model which were quite common, and has a 7 spoke handwheel. These handwheels were introduced in , and in numbering on the threading path was introduced, which this machine does not have, so that dates it anywhere between and


On multiple parts order pay freight for only one item. The typical set-up of early Singer sewing machine in a treadle stand. The most common class of machine the “vibrating shuttle” long bobbin is featured above. Many other class of machines were also available in a treadle stand such as: Serial numbers, which are normally six digits with letter prefix may help in determining what model you have or part you need. For infromation in determing the approximate age of your sewing machine click on Machine Dating.

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Archaeologists have discovered bone needles with eyes, used to sew together skins and furs, dating back to this time. The earliest known sewing needles made of iron come from the Celtic hill fort at Manching, Germany, and date to the third century BC. The tomb of a minor official of the Han Dynasty BC-AD has been reported by Chinese archaeologists as containing a sewing set complete with thimble.

This would be the oldest known example of a thimble, which originated as a device to help push crude needles through resistant materials such as animal skins. It was over years later in , that the first workable sewing machine was invented and patented by the British inventor Thomas Saint. Earlier, in , Karl Weisenthal, a German inventor, devised the first sewing macine needle, but did not produce a complete machine.

Saint’s machine, which was designed to sew leather and canvas, mainly on boots, used only a single thread and formed a chain stitch. Instead of a needle, an awl was employed to pierce a hole through the material being sewed.