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Ghoulia has a pale gray skin and light blue hair. She appears nerdy with her cat-eye glasses with horns on its rim. She also seems to slouch and even sits or stands in weird posture due to her zombie lineage. The most distinct characteristic she has is that her eyes does not blink at the same time, instead, it blinks alternately. Ghoulia typically wears a striped red-black-white off shoulder top under a camisole with a fishnet arm cover. Her lower clothing is a red sporty Capri coupled with a black and white belt with a Monster High insignia for its buckle. She also wears a knee-high boots and accessorize her blue hair with grayish highlights with a green headband then matches it with a zipper design pink earrings. Her total getup is surely a nerdy-chic look with a taste for fashion. For her pet, she owns a blue baby owl which she calls Sir Hoots A Lot but he disliked being a messenger owl for Ghoulia. She also cannot function without a schedule and hates last minute changes even though she is a slowpoke.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. He is beautiful, as you can see. He is missing his head Dress. And t is some bug damage on the black muslin that represents his hair, but not bad, and won’t be seen when you get him a new head dress or hair.

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Aesthetic value tends to be a personal thing with each of us having an individual sense of what we find appealing about a doll. In that case, value becomes personal, more about what an individual can afford and what it is worth to them to own it. Many of us have bought with the heart, not the head, to add a special doll to our collections.

Some of these include: The market for Skookum dolls has seen its up and downs over the years. As interest in them continues to grow, so do prices paid for them, particularly for hard to find examples.

Winchester Glitter Stripe Muskrat Knife Mint 1994 NR

This is the first Halloween in 22 years that I haven’t taken kids out Trick or Treating. Ivy will be 15 next week, and actually debated going one more time this year, since she has friends a year younger who are going this year. In the end she decided not to, partially because she was so unsure if she was going to Trick or Treat or just hand out candy, and has been so busy with play practice, In ordinary places they would refer to it as ‘rehearsal’.

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We took a short trip,only about an hour’s drive from here. We had agreed not to spend too terribly much money,and instead try to put back what we might have spent for a bigger blowout next year on our 30th. Ken didn’t really stick to that though. I went cheap and he instead spent money on me. So before we left we exchanged gifts.

I’ll be showing you what Ken got me in an upcoming post. We really did have a nice time on our trip.

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After all, this was the land of the cowboys, Indians and outlaws—where men were men and sometimes oil barons, too, cattle was wrangled and possibility was as big as the Great Outdoors. What visitors may not expect to find is a first-class doll collection at a place devoted to wildlife, Colt firearms and shrunken heads.

The grounds consist of 3, acres of woods, lakes and rocks, beautifully landscaped and enveloped in that heavy hush that comes only from a country estate that can afford its upkeep. It is also where the buffalo—among other species of native and exotic wildlife—roam.

{ a romantic } Lithuania # OVER THE YEARS # The Past The Collector The Selection Dating Quotes All dates. Lithuania | Dolls ‘Pasimatimas’ a romantic rendez-vous, two sweethearts on a date Skookum dolls were indian dolls first made by Mary McAboy in and were produced into the ‘s. They are a highly collectible doll made in a variety.

Moccasins to Mukluks Dolls of the First North Americans February 6 – May 2, It is quite a pleasure to bring you an exhibit of wonderful dolls from some very important doll makers – the first North Americans. We have wanted for a long time to put this special exhibit together, and it is finally happening! There is such a fabulous diversity and range of dolls made by Native Americans; we promise you a great exhibit, both enjoyable and educational.

Bring the family and escape the late winter doldrums. Along with some fine examples of dolls from the Museum’s own collection, including a fascinating group of Native-Alaskan dolls Rosalie Whyel was born and raised in Alaska, and a number of the staff have lived there , we are honored to display a selection of dolls lent by mother and daughter, Jane and Sarah Gregory of southern California, from their remarkable collection.

Most of their dolls date from the s to the present, including many whose makers are identified a real bonus, as often that information was lost through the years. Some local collectors will also be sharing dolls in the exhibit, which features about dolls, depicting over 50 different groups or tribes, dating from the late 19th century to the present and representing all of the different cultural areas of North America: You’ll also find wonderful dolls by non-native doll artists.

In contrast to both of these types, we offer a look at some of the commercially produced “tourist dolls” and “exhibition dolls,” from a rare early 20th century German bisque by Simon and Halbig depicting the typical European idea of Indian culture during that period, to the ever popular and charming but not culturally accurate “Skookum Indian” dolls.

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Coenen began work on this unique book in , at the age of 63, and in three years gathered an unprecedented amount of information on the sea and its coasts, coastal waters, fishing grounds and marine animals. Coenen was also a well respected authority in academic circles and used this reputation to receive learned works on the sea from The Hague and Leiden, copied extracts from which find their way into his Fish Book.

Every page becomes a work of art in its own right, decorated with painted borders and delightful watercolours. Two years after its completion, Coenen produced another book this time dedicated solely to whales, known as the Whale Book now housed in Antwerp. The digital copies of the Visboek presented here have been spliced together to create the double spread and are all sourced from The National Library of the Netherlands which has digitised the whole of the Visboek and includes a wonderful flash-based digital presentation with extensive notes and commentary on individual pages, if you are interested to learn more.

Courtesy Public Domain Review Click photo to enlarge.

Native American Antique Possibly Skookum Set Of Dolls Chief, Squaw Baby Native American Antique Kachina Doll With Ceremonial Bells-must See Wow! $1, History Of Native American Indian Arrowheads Dating; Native American Recipes American History From .

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As the production years of Skookum Indian dolls progressed, materials used in their construction went through several transformations. The labels were altered every so often, the look of the feet evolved, as did the material used for the doll’s masks. This serves as a general guideline only.

Photos and profile by Caryn B. Davis. To say that Renee Silvester loves dolls is an understatement. Her personal collection consists of over , with the oldest dating back to

But what if the label is missing? The earliest dolls from the mid to late teens with apple heads had no feet at all and were constructed of simple blocks of wood serving as their base. This style continued into the early 20s when some rare apple heads had shoes made of composition. Later in the thirties, the traditional leather over wood moccasins were used on the last of the dolls made with dried apples. In the years when apple head dolls transitioned to composition masks, leather covered wooden feet were used exclusively.

The only known exceptions being the 10″ Skookum children with multi colored felt moccasins with bead decoration and female dolls with pueblo style white cotton wrapped leggings. The use of composition masks spanned over 20 years from the late teens until the s. The earliest of these were somewhat primitive but as production increased new styles were added and the facial features became more refined. Many of the composition masks were marked “Germany”. Germany was well known for its high quality doll masks and was the largest maker of doll parts for export at the time.

Dolls with composition masks have leather covered wooden feet.

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Let’s get past the hype and look at what the California law actually says, and get down to what it’s actually intended to do. Here’s a link to the text of the law. And here’s what it actually says my emphasis:

Skookum dolls were indian dolls first made by Mary McAboy in and were produced into the ‘s. They are a highly collectible doll made in a variety of sizes and styles which depicted different Native American tribes and customs.

Better hope the kids earn scholarships. Collecting is fun, but it is a perilous investment if you choose the wrong collectibles. Here are 10 once-popular collectibles that are now worth much less than people imagine… Hummel figurines once sold for hundreds of dollars apiece, but the generation that appreciated these little porcelain statues is now downsizing or dying off, dumping Hummels back into the market by the thousands. Younger generations have little interest in buying them.

Other cute little figurines have suffered a similar fate. Precious Moments figurines, sold as collectibles, now have very little monetary value. Certain rare Hummels, such as those taller than 12 inches or those made before , still can fetch four figures. Anything made by the Franklin Mint.

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She has brown glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with four upper teeth, well painted lashes and brows, on the original fully jointed wood and composition body, wearing original dark blonde mohair wig, gauze chemise, and original black stockings and oil cloth shoes. Accompanying her is an additional blue linen dress with lace collar. Much of wax on upper eyelid missing. Included are two Kestner s both on jointed composition bodies with joints at shoulders, hips, and knees. There is also an AM Googly, with brown glass sleep eyes on original five piece composition toddler body.

Vintage Navajo Indian Woman Doll Ask a question. £ VAT included (where applicable), plus shipping Vintage Skookum Indian Girl Doll £ A very nice handmade example of a Navajo Indian Woman doll. Dating to the s, she is dressed in a velvet green top with floral cotton skirt.

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From following trends to creating modern clothes, it’s Fashion Design for the doll collector. A DIY guide for creating sophisticated clothes and accessories for the 12″ fashion doll. Saturday, February 10, One-Sided Point of View While we were busy wrapping everyone in tulle and celebrating our anniversary, the Haute Couture designers in Paris strutted their stuff and the New Yorkers have begun what will be a month long marathon of global fashion weeks.

While the girls are off to make their reports, I wanted to do another tutorial based on a recent trend taking the fashion world by storm: Most fashion schools teach pattern making two ways: As a student I loved pattern drafting something I developed while working with commercial patterns as a teenager , but today most students prefer watching the design come alive on a mannequin in front of their eyes.

North American Auction Co. is proud to present our Premier Firearms, Old West, & Native American Auction, June 3rd. The sale will have over rare and important items from historic firearms, to ancient edge weapons, important museum Indian artifacts, & more!

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